Who does not love that no-nonsense and take-me-seriously vibe at work? We’ve all tried a plethora of tactics to make our presence known, the Harvey Specters of the world with their suits and ties know how important it is to look the part and the Andrea Sachs of the world have learnt the lesson of not taking clothing seriously. (Yes I am referring to both ‘Suits’ and the million times watched ‘Devil Wears Prada’)

Although what transformation we need to make is to change the dour looking office outfits in the monochromatic colour palette and redundant as well as unflattering pin stripes to something a little fun while slaying the Boss-Lady vibe too.

Break out of the standard uniform feel of clothes to actually enjoying what you wear while enjoying what you do! We have selected a few of our favourite pieces from each category that totally ace the office style quotient.  


Up Top


 White high low shirt by Red Sister Blue  


 Crop Jacket by Land of August 


Contrast Power Suit by Land of August



Down Low


              Maroon Wide Leg pants by Love & Justice                


Smoky grey Palazzo by Red Sister Blue



Statement Shine


 Art Nouveau Neckpiece by Wanderlust 


   Oyster ring by Marsala     


   Goldline earrings by Artsieville