Do you speak the language of fashion? Does your vocabulary consist of the weirdest but essential fashion terminology to get you into the ranks of the ultimate fashion divas?  The generic fashion terms found in the many fashion glossaries do not quiet complete the picture when you want to be up to date with the latest fashion slang aka Flang. Although we totally get the Instagram terminology pertaining to the flang we use there, from what’s slaying to what’s popping, but there is an entirely other index used by your quintessential fashion insider. Get acquainted with the essential glossary of fashion terminology if you want to differentiate between your fruit salad and your fruit salad. Feeling clueless yet?


  • Athleisure – The day out style that has taken the fashion industry by storm, a word formed with the combination of ‘Athletic’ and ‘Leisure’. The key components of this trend are to incorporate sporty with everyday wear.


  • Lampshading – The conclusion that comes to your mind would definitely be of a silhouette that looks like a lampshade, and that is exactly what it is. The term refers to the basic silhouette of the trending style of teaming oversized sweatshirts or sweaters with thigh high boots, as seen on bloggers and celebrities, a style quite often seen on the Kardashian clan.



  • Utilitarian – The utilitarian design aesthetics for clothing includes strong and thicker material, and muted earthy tones adapted from World War type theme. You would see tough looking and weathered garments like bomber jackets and overcoats in a camouflage pattern, forest green, dove grey and shades of beige brown. 


  • Flashdance shoulder – The flashdance shoulder is the recurring style noticed in fashion weeks for the Spring/Summer’17 collections, with high promises from the forecast of making it into a big trend this year. The flashdance shoulder is essentially an off shoulder cut on tops and dresses; this slanting shoulder style has been reintroduced from the 80’s fashion.



  • Shoefie – A selfie of your happy feet usually showing off your Instagram ready pair of Adidas Originals and the likes.


  • Monokini – What is beach fashion these days without the essential monokini? An interesting change of events from showing skin at the beach, the monokini is a one piece stylised bikini that the industry has latched on to from the now abandoned skimpy bikinis.



  • Fruit Salad – No, it definitely does not mean food in this context. The common denominator of likeness is solely the myriad of colours that are also seen when one combines vibrant and colorful patterns in an outfit. A phrase used when describing such an outfit.